Paranoid & friendless, Meghan longs for the good old days

Remember, this is the National Enquirer, and they never had anything good to say about Meghan Markle. With that in mind, it read as follows.

PARANOID Duchess Meghan is locked in a lonely downward spiral after dumping her lifelong pals and being booted by the Obamas, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The rattled royal dropout, 40, is fearful of intimate friendships and is surrounded by hangers-on and fair-weather lackeys, sources said — especially after being shunned by Hollywood’s A-list and deleted from the guest list of former President Barack’s star-studded 60th birthday bash! Meghan’s increased isolation comes as she and Harry continue their gloomy Hollywood money grab.

“Meghan doesn’t really have a best friend in her life right now and that’s a situation that hurts like hell,” divulged a source.

She claims it’s no big deal and she has all the company she needs with Harry, her mom and a few trusted members of her support team.

But the reality is she’s lonely and misses the days when she could open up to people and not worry about the consequences!


As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the “Suits” alum cooled her friendship with one-time bestie Jessica Mulroney after the Canadian born stylist became embroiled in a racism scandal in June 2020. Jessica, 41, was front and center at the Sussexes’ 2018 wedding, but pointedly didn’t acknowledge her former friend’s recent 40th birthday, causing renewed rumors of a rift between them.

The situation there is very messy because Meghan needs to keep her close in case Jessica blabs about their past secrets,” dished an insider. Ultimately, though, that friendship is dead!” Harry and Meghan considered themselves very brave to go it alone when they split from the royal family — but sources said ever since their return to the West Coast, Meghan has had trouble adapting!


An insider snitched that while Harry, 37, has landed on his feet and hangs out with TV presenter and fellow Brit James Corden, sees Orlando Bloom around the neighborhood and has an endless stream of video business calls, Meghan feels like a fifth wheel.

The trouble for Meghan is nobody has really replaced Jessica in her life,” tattled the insider. She has a few dining partners and woke spiritual types to confide in, but even then she’s so careful about what she shares and is nothing like the happy-go-lucky Meghan of old.

It’s fair to say that aside from Harry and her mom, Meghan is wary of EVERYONE — even the most senior members of her inner circle! “It’s as if being dumped by the Obamas has sent her over the edge!”


As you saw in the post above, this story was based on speculation about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Well, mainly, Meghan is being shadowed or cast out by critical members of the elite. Screw the fact that she just had a baby in June and is still nursing, Plus she still has baby weight, so she told them that she wasn’t going. But her best friend Jessica Mulroney went in her place.

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