50 Year Old Munich Olympics Massacre Coverup Revealed

NEARLY 50 years after the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympics, a former CIA agent has come forward to reveal notorious international assassin Carlos “The Jackal” Ramirez played a pivotal role in the blood-soaked scheme that left 11 Israeli athletes dead. According to the retired international anti-terror agent, Jackal not only hatched the evil plot but also helped direct the ruthless Black September terrorists during the hostage crisis.

You know what, let’s back up a little-

During the 1972 Summer Olympics at Munich, in the early morning of September 5, a group of Palestinian terrorists storms the Olympic Village apartment of the Israeli athletes, killing two and taking nine others hostage. The terrorists were part of a group known as Black September, yes BLACK September. In return for the release of the hostages, they demanded that Israel release over 230 Arab prisoners being held in Israeli jails and two German terrorists. In an ensuing shootout at the Munich airport, the nine Israeli hostages were killed and five terrorists, and one West German policeman. Olympic competition was suspended for 24 hours to hold memorial services for the slain athletes.


The Munich Olympics opened on August 26, 1972, with 195 events and 7,173 athletes representing 121 countries. On the morning of September 5, Palestinian terrorists in ski masks ambushed the Israeli team. After negotiations to free the nine Israelis broke down, the terrorists took the hostages to the Munich airport. Once there, German police opened fire from rooftops and killed three of the terrorists. A gun battle erupted and left the hostages, two more Palestinians, and a policeman dead.

After a memorial service was held for the athletes at the main Olympic stadium, International Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage ordered that the games continue to show that the terrorists hadn’t won. In the aftermath of the murders at the ’72 Olympics, the Israeli government, headed by Golda Meir, hired a group of Mossad agents to track down and kill the Black September assassins. The 2005 Stephen Spielberg movie Munich was based on these events. Yes, Stephen Spielberg, are you surprised? Now, let’s get back to the coverup-

You see, the CIA source revealed that the West German police also played a pivotal role in the horrific attack that left one of their dead. A secret agency memo provided by our source revealed how West German authorities turned a deaf ear to dire warnings of a terror attack in the weeks leading up to the Olympics. German police psychologist Georg Sieber even told West German law enforcement officers in explicit detail how Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists might scale the Olympic Village fences, seize hostages and demand a plane be provided to take them home.

Chillingly, that’s precisely how the nightmare played out between Sept. 4 and the ruined rescue attempt that ended in a bloodbath at the Munich airport two days later. The West Germans’ failure to act on that tip — and their refusal to acknowledge it had been received — is glaring evidence of a 40-year coverup of the government’s bumbling security efforts, the source said.

Oh, and get this- “All these facts were missing from the German government’s official documentation of the event,” the source spilled. 

But the CIA was well aware of them and included them decades later. 

The West Germans even allowed the bodies of five terrorists from the PLO’s Black September wing to be flown to Libya, where they were given “heroes’ funerals” and buried with military honors. The three remaining kidnappers were released the following month by West Germany when Lufthansa Flight 615 was hijacked — and terrorists offered to free passengers in exchange for the Olympic monsters. For almost five decades, the sadistic plot has been laid at the feet of Ali Hassan Salameh — the leader of a Palestinian commando organization known as Force 17.


Others said Mohammed Oudeh, whose alias was Abu Daoud and who once openly boasted of devising the plan at a café in Rome, masterminded the bloodbath.

But the CIA had long concluded Venezuelan-born Ramirez — who was 22 at the massacre — directed the Palestinian terror organizations. He was a new member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, aka PFLP, a vicious Marxist Leninist organization. Still, He had shown excellent acumen for terrorism, according to our source.

Carlos had received Soviet-sponsored guerrilla training in Cuba and also studied under the KGB at Lumumba University in Moscow,” this source revealed.

Within months Ramirez was fighting in the Jordanian Civil War against Western-backed government forces in northern Jordan. From there, he returned to London, where he secretly operated as a PFLP agent.

By 1972, he’d become close to Daoud and tracked the CIA to Prague, where the evil masterminds were leading wild bachelor lives together under the Soviet-backed communist regime. Oh, and get this, It was during this time that Ramirez hatched the plan for the massacre, said our source — and directed the operation through constant radio contact with the terrorists, oh yes. I’m not done yet. What’s more, crazy is that the Palestinians leveraged his close ties to the anti-Israeli Soviet government to secure Russian funding to finance the evil operation. So, yes, the Palestinians were helping the Russians to attack.


But the Americans learned of the massacre when ABC broadcaster Jim McKay reported: Yeah, they realized after it was written, so much for, never mind. Anyway, it was reported that

“There were 11 hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, and nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.”

But get this, the CIA intelligence was used to track down and capture the then 44-year-old Jackal in 1994 in Sudan, yes in 1994. I know, sad. But this jackal was protected by his terrorist friends, according to the source. He was turned over to French agents and remained behind bars in a French prison. After the massacre, the CIA provided detailed information to the Mossad in Operation Wrath of God, where highly trained Israeli assassins hunted down and assassinated those 12 terrorists connected to the slaughter. This is what they’ve said to this very late revelation,

“We helped locate the PLO and PFLP terrorists who were involved throughout Europe and turned that information over to intermediaries,” which is a person who acts as a link between people to try to bring about an agreement or reconciliation, you know a mediator. They went on to say that “it was among our most rewarding operations.”

I don’t mean to be rude, but all the CIA did was find a gunman who wasn’t hiding well after decades. I mean, why did they wait so long? Was this Carlos also used for other endeavors until he was allegedly found. Let’s see who all died mysteriously over those four decades?

You ask me, this goes to shows the manipulation of Russia has not ended, and we all saw that play out all during the Trump election and tenure. Who conveniently, and I’m talking about Russia, is cozying up to the Royals. Who conveniently, that’s unless I’m wrong, haven’t had many bad ties with Russia. Mm, wonder why?


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