Disconnecting and Disassociating Myself | JOURNAL ENTRY 16- June 19, 2021

Hello truth seekers, I felt that I needed to voice some things. I just released a video about the root of Aliens, and so on. It took me almost a week to complete that video because I felt that my hard work would’ve been wasted, still feel that way. Especially after running across a video I did about Kim and Kanye and then seeing someone saying/doing the same video and got millions of views. I was so blown away and think this channel is recent.


Then suddenly, it clicked, and I realized my spiritual growth, and all of the information that has been downloaded and given to me in droves has caused me to question everything. I thought the people I thought were evil weren’t, and 95% of everything we’ve learned wasn’t accurate. As a child, I always felt I had an aspect or goal in life. So, with that feeling, I was always the black sheep or cast out within my family.


Reply to @meganvardiman Did you know that the #blacksheep in the #family is the #sanest one of all the #familydysfunction #munsters

♬ The Munster’s Theme – Milton DeLugg & The All-Stars

I couldn’t wait to escape that web and feeling like I was surrounded by sheep or people who didn’t understand me. I used to sit at a table with my mother and uncle and endured hours of them belittling me. But what’s weird is, is that I was calm throughout it all. I just sat there and let them call every name in the book.

So, when my husband came along, he offered some peace and an escape from my screwed-up life. I latched onto it and didn’t let go. My husband didn’t know my past, and he saw me for me. Finally, I was able to be myself. For example, I love to read, learn, I love to help people, I love to sing, dance, art, history, directing, writing, etc. But, I couldn’t express that around my family. I was fake around them. They always thought I was weird or a fraud. It’s been years since I’ve sat down with any of them, aside from funerals, etc. I haven’t hung out with my sisters in years. I mean, we text or maybe even speak via phone. None of my family doesn’t know who I AM NOW!

I talk differently,
I walk differently
I dress differently
I see differently


However, because I try to teach the masses everything I know. I’ve gotten more threats, and it causes me to go to extreme measures to protect my family and myself. Some may see it as fraud or trying to be someone I’m not. But, I see it as me doing anything to make sure the people I love are safe. They shouldn’t suffer because of me. I hope one day they understand that.

It hurts me to see and read people’s comments calling me a liar, or I’m misguiding the masses. I express to my husband my feelings after I read them. I said, I don’t feel angry or the need to retract. I feel sad for them because they don’t know. They’re so brainwashed, and they think I’m racist and evil when I am only speaking the truth.

I mean, over the past 4 or 5 years or more. I got an awakening to the truth and deep root of racism. Once I learned that everything that didn’t make sense started to make sense. After years of praying, but it took one day to pray; differently. Whereas FINALLY, I got my answers, and I felt enlightened. However, lately, I have been feeling the urge to travel. I need to! I don’t know why. I need to. But I can’t afford it!

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  1. Dana Warner says:

    Hey there, I’ve been rockin with you for years now. You’re doing a wonderful job informing the masses.
    I’m also a member of Galactic Federation email group. I’ve been interested in life inside earth as well as outside. I enjoyed your research .
    It’s easy for me to say don’t let the naysayers get you down.. They’re just afraid and don’t know how else to express themselves..
    You went far over their heads this time..

    Sometimes people will claim to be awakened but I’ve come to the understanding that awakening occurs in layers. Once you’ve cracked the codes of life then you discover that there are more codes in other cycles to be learned..

    We awaken to awake to awaken again and again…
    There are those who are awaken but still asleep ..

    Big Fan and supporter
    Dana Warner

    “Humbled Dane”

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