MARTHA Stewart is happy as a kitten in a bowl of cream over new stink sparked by lifestyle rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s “exploding” vagina-scent candles, insiders say.

Paltrow, 48, head of the Goop products website, has been clobbered with a class-action lawsuit by Texan Colby Watson, who claims he bought Gwyneth’s $75 This Smells Like My Vagina candle — and it exploded!

Now Martha, 79, who’s been feuding with Gwyneth for years, is telling everyone Paltrow is getting her just desserts for selling ridiculously overpriced products — and candles that smell bad,” an insider blabs.

Martha’s always prided herself on quality and affordable prices, and says Gwyneth only cares about the profits.

She’s getting a wicked kick out of seeing Gwyneth knocked off her high horse, because Martha sees her gimmicky lifestyle site as a joke.

The savage star wars first developed because the original Domestic Diva felt “Gwyneth tried to copy her and pass herself off as the new Martha Stewart,” snitches the insider.


In the Hamptons where they both have homes, their shade-throwing is legendary. Martha can’t resist letting a barb slip whenever she hears Gwyneth’s name mentioned.

Gwyneth accuses Martha of jealousy, spies dish.

“No one has ever said anything bad about me before, so I’m shocked and devastated,” Gwyneth jokes. “I’ll try to recover.”

Paltrow, whose company brands the candle lawsuit “frivolous” and says the product is safe, insists she takes Martha’s attacks as a compliment “that she sees us as competition.”

Some say Martha’s nose was tweaked when Gwyneth hired Lisa Gersh to be the new CEO of Goop.

Gersh had previously been president and CEO of Martha Stewart Living.

Gwyneth took great pleasure in snagging Martha’s top executive,” dishes the insider. People in the Hamptons know not to invite them to the same parties — it wouldn’t be pretty.


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