LOVE loser Wendy Williams is fed up with men after her last beau, Mike Esterman, blabbed about her — and now she’s apparently in no mood to date ANYONE, spies spill!

The 56-year-old yakker was fuming after the Maryland contractor, also 56, claimed they were “never an item after three dates” and graciously insisted,

“Nobody called it a day, there’s just no time to meet up.”

Wendy thinks he has a lot of nerve and it’s left a bitter taste, snitches an insider.

Now getting involved with another man is the LAST thing she wants to do! She doesn’t want to put herself out there only to be humiliated and embarrassed. Wendy got down on men after hearing Mike, who won a contest to be her date, was “trash-talking, her, a source dishes.

He turned out to be a real disrespectful dude so she broke up with him. It’s just another bad experience she wants to bury!


Friends of the daytime diva leaked Wendy always goes bonkers over a beau and crumbles when it fizzles.

In 2019, the recovering addict finalized her divorce from former producer Kevin Hunter after discovering he fathered a love child with another gal during their 22-year marriage.

She gets burned and burned,” tattles an insider. Poor Wendy throws herself at things and gets trampled. Now she’s all for ditching men and learning to be single.

The truth is she’s lost faith in love!

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