My Youtube Channel May Be Getting Shut Down Again | Update on Boss and Marriage | JOURNAL ENTRY 15- May, 2, 2021 {I’M BACK}

Hello all, I know it was last year, I believe was the last time I’d post in my journal. I was honestly, debating if I wanted to post this time. But since this blog may be ending soon, and from the looks of it so, will my YouTube “The Truth Show” page again (I don’t know when). I felt many of you wanted to know what was going on with me.



My boss and I are not seeing each other anymore. Especially with the pandemic, I’ve been able to work at home a lot more. I told him that it was a one-time thing. I was being adventurous and rebellious. He avoids eye contact during group zoom chats and when we’re at meetings at the office. Out of sight, out of mind. I later heard, after some time pass, that he may be seeing someone else (thank goodness), and yes she’s a black woman, lol. 


After his dirty deeds and mine, we decided on a clean slate, and thankfully we got it all of our systems. But I must admit, I do sometimes wonder what my life would be without him. When I was with my boss, I saw a side of myself I didn’t know still existed. I smiled more, I felt passion, and I was alive. I was intoxicated, and so was my boss. He and I were both were in the same positions at the time. He had been married many years and also got married at a young age. He didn’t get the chance to explore much, well except during the late parts of their marriage. But even that was restricted. It reminds me of that clip in one of my favorite tv series, “Death in Paradise”. 


That is how I felt with my boss and when I was also rekindling things with an old friend. They both brought something new out of me. I sometimes feel like I’m suffocating or being held under or back. I want to do so much! But there’s always a wall or a barrier that comes in the forms of bills, trolls, strikes from YouTube, etc. I don’t know what my husband and I future hold. All I can say is when I finally take that leap and hop on that “dream train or flight,” if he’s not on board with me, his lost. 


If any of you, who have been following me on my Truth Show Deluxe. I speak in those two-part videos of my struggles with all of my platforms. I speak on how YouTube, Tik Tok, and IG are freezing my views and likes. I also get in-depth of my struggle with being shut down many times from YouTube over the years. 


With that said–it looks like someone is trying to take me down for good. This is personal, and they’re going after my Royal videos and Jeffrey Epstein videos (oddly). They called me a bully despite all of the videos that are done about them online, on blogs, heck everywhere. Oh, and get this-the videos weren’t publicized on YouTube’s platform. I had them unlisted and only to be seen on my Patreon account. You had to have the links and be a Patreon member. 


Yes, someone took the time to become a Patreon, and then scouted my patron and have them strike me for videos that weren’t public on YouTube. I have two strikes now. Meaning that my channel may be shut down for good, and I am not starting it up again. I’m tired and I admit defeat. I will keep posting on my Truth Show Deluxe, Kisha’s Gossip and Truths channels, and my Patreon. I may be going over to Vimeo or Reddit or just on Patreon and my IG. They’ve blackballed me everywhere. Alex Jones and Piers Morgan and other honest or harsh speakers can speak openly but not me. I’m not as cruel as them or like many on YouTube.

Someone or people or some unknown force have finally won, and I am on to better things. So be listening or watching me on my podcasts or TV. I’m on to bigger things. Thanks for being there for me. It’s been one heck of a journey. 

I’m out!

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  1. Joyce anderson says:

    I am so sorry, this is happening to you.


  2. Akheru says:



  3. Akheru says:

    Who can we write/ contact @ YT on yr. Behalf ?!


  4. Hot tea says:

    Seek Jesus. Read the HOLY BIBLE. Attend a church. Give your life to God . Repent and be baptized in the Holy Water. I will pray for you and your family. Stay in the scriptures of the Bible. Sounds like the devil out for you. I pray your not curse. No evil involved but. There is. Seek Jesus Christ.

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