Van Jones Reportedly Felt ‘Ambushed’ During Recent Appearance on ‘The View’ Despite his Reasons

Van Jones was recently on ABC’s daytime talk show, The Viewand his appearance had people on social media talking. After he was confronted with questions by two of the show’s panelists, Jones reportedly feels some time of way about how things went down.

Van Jones is a polarizing political commentator 

Jones is a political commentator, author, and lawyer. He was an special advisor in the Obama administration and has co-founded multiple non-profits, many of which have to do with social justice and criminal justice reform.

Which he did admit was the only reason he was working with Trump. But the ladies on The View criticized him for working with Trump despite his reasons. -Kisha

He’s known for regularly appearing on CNN, and even had his own shows at one point, The Van Jones Show and The Redemption Project with Van Jones

Jones worked with the Trump Administration, as well as members of congress from both parties, for the First Step Act. In turn, he was criticized by many for working with Trump and conservatives. 

In 2018, he drew ire for tweeting, “Give the man his due: @realDonaldTrump is on his way to becoming the uniter-in-Chief on an issue that has divided America for generations. Congrats to everyone on both sides who fought for this,” referring to the First Step Act.


Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro call Van Jones out on ‘The View’

When Jones appeared on The View last week, the panel, particularly Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, decided to question Jones on what has been described as “flip-flopping,” including his praise of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Hostin brought up that Jones said that Trump did some good thing for the Black community but then cried on-camera when Joe Biden was elected president.

Hostin asked Jones,  “There are those who really accuse you of being an opportunist, a chameleon, so to speak, who provided a racial cover for former disgraced, twice-impeached, President Trump. People in the Black community don’t trust you anymore. What is your response?”

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