Kanye is Out while Kim is Masking it with Glam Social Media Posts

Kanye West’s split with estranged wife Kim Kardashian has turned him into a pouting recluse determined to shut out the cruel world, sources say.

Kanye is “cutting himself off from the outside world” after the big-bootied injected 40-year old reality babe hired a lawyer to dissolve their six-year marriage, dishes a spy. However, sources say that this was Kim’s plan all along, to have kids, stop having sex in hoping he’ll cheat, (he didn’t), and then have guaranteed income for the rest of her life, all while using Kanye’s name. Can we say jackpot 🤑!

While he has traveled to L.A., Kanye spends more of his time sitting hunkered down “in the den at his Wyoming ranch listening to music, writing poems, eating bad food and generally feeling sorry for himself,” says the source, who insists the self made preacher “ getting ready for Kim to process and serve him papers and then he can move on with his life.

As you know Kanye hinted he had it with the Kardashian’s by blasting twice-divorced Kim on social media and laying into his 65-year-old mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, who he labeled Kris Jong-un, an insulting comparison to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Now, insiders say, Kanye is so determined to shut out the world while he works on his next album, whereas he’s refusing to take phone calls from pals.


“His voice mail’s full and his friends and associates have no way of reaching him,” reveals an insider, who adds the singer’s hermit antics are worrying friends.

“Kanye has always been an eccentric and something of a loner, but this behavior is worrisome even by his standards.. But he seems to have detached himself from reality.”


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