Bedroom blues being blamed in $3B bust-up

Kim rose to fame when her sex tape was released in 2007 A big turnoff for Kardashian is her hubby’s dad bod, sources say

LOVE-STARVED Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on her sexless marriage to Kanye West after the couple went an astonishing two years without romps between the sheets, sources say.

The 40-year-old reality queen finally grew fed up with the nonstop fighting and embarrassing attention seeking of her rapper spouse, sources tattle.


By the time they ended their six-year union, spies claim the strung-out couple were living totally separate lives and could barely stand the sight of each other — let alone share steamy love in the sack.

“They were so incompatible and awkward around each other that Kim gave up on it a long time ago, and that suited Kanye, who was never in the mood for anything physical,” says a source.

A big turnoff for the hottie, who originally soared to celeb fame from a leaked tape of her rolling between the sheets with former rapper beau Ray J, was 43-year-old Kanye’s soft, saggy bod, insiders dish.


“It’s no secret his flabby body was a big turnoff to Kim because fitness is such an important part of her life, whereas he’s content to binge on junk food and won’t step foot near a gym for love nor money,” the source blabs.

He was also always knocking her down about how she dressed, accusing her of flirting with guys when she wasn’t … it took a major toll on her sex drive.

“But ultimately, the bad chemistry between them was the biggest issue, and that’s what killed their love life. Apparently they weren’t intimate at all for over two years!”

The pair are predicted to sit down to hammer out how their combined $3 billion fortune should be divvied, plus the custody arrangements for their young kids, daughters North, 7, and Chicago, 3, and sons Saint, 5, and year-old Psalm.

Meanwhile, pals don’t expect Kim to find a new man for a while — partly because the Yeezy rapper did such a number on her confidence.


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