Larry King, television and radio journalism royalty, dies at 87

His off-the-cuff style, along with his raspy baritone delivery and trademark suspenders, made “Larry King Live” a popular prime-time draw on CNN.

Larry King
, the radio and television personality whose breezy and conversational interviews with celebrities and world leaders made him a broadcasting icon for nearly half a century, has died, his TV production company Ora Media said in a statement Saturday. 

He was 87.

The statement said he had been receiving treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It did not specify the cause of death, but King was recently hospitalized with Covid-19 and had endured health problems for many years, including a near-fatal stroke in 2019 and diabetes.

Uh oh, here they go again. They’re using 87-year-old Larry King’s death as another ploy to scare the masses into making it mandatory for this useless vaccine. WATCH!!


“Whether he was interviewing a U.S. president, foreign leader, celebrity, scandal-ridden personage or an everyman, Larry liked to ask short direct and uncomplicated questions,” the statement added.— Larry King (@kingsthings) January 23, 2021

Paying tribute to King in a statement, CNN President Jeff Zucker said the “scrappy young man from Brooklyn had a history-making career” due to “his generosity of spirit that drew the world to him.”

CNN founder Ted Turner said in a tweet that the “world has lost a true broadcasting legend.”

“If anyone asked me what are my greatest career achievements in life, one is the creation of CNN, and the other is hiring Larry King,” he said in a statement, adding that waking up to the news of his passing “felt like a punch to the gut.”

The world has lost a true broadcasting legend.— Ted Turner (@TedTurnerIII) January 23, 2021


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