Mary-Kate Olsen’s Wore Black for Zoom Divorce

Getting pandemic divorced means, unfortunately, doing so over Zoom, and not even Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are beyond it. At least now the proceedings are nearing the end.

Both parties have come to an agreement, Sarkozy’s lawyer told the judge and Olsen’s lawyer confirmed it. “Let’s get it done and get them divorced,” the presiding judge told them during their latest meeting. All wore black for the occasion.

The news of their uncoupling came as the pandemic shut everything down last spring. She filed, while he declined to renew the lease on the $29,000-per-month Gramercy apartment where she was staying and moved his ex-wife into their home in Bridgehampton, New York. The divorce was on pause, as all the court systems ground to a halt.


Ending a marriage over teleconferencing technology is no way to end a marriage, but in these unprecedented times and all that. The Daily Mail reported Olsen struggled to pull up the video, saying, “Guys, I need help up here. Can you hear me?” 

Who could have foreseen such an end? There were bowls of cigarettes at the wedding, “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes,” remember? But the world must go on, and so too must divorces between a child actors turned design stalwarts and their tall French banker husbands. And they’ll go on over teleconferencing technology if they must.

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