Queen Elizabeth Is Getting a New Russian Oil Tycoon Neighbor

It looks like Queen Elizabeth is going to have to roll out the royal welcome mat because she has some new neighbors moving in next door to Windsor Castle. Well, if you still count 13 acres away as next door.

Windsor Park Hall, the estate next to the Queen’s official pandemic residence, was sold on December 23 for $29 million to an anonymous Russian oil magnate, according to Beauchamp Estates, the London brokerage responsible for the sale. The company’s managing director, Jeremy Gee, told the New York Post, “At the height of lockdown, we showed him the house on Skype on our phones, room by room, while he was based in Russia.” The buyer then took a private jet to see the home in person before closing the deal.

Windsor Park Hall was built in 2012 by British interior designers Nick and Christian Candy and is meant to be a replica of Wilfield House, the official home of the U.S. ambassador to the U.K. The 29,000-square-foot home features nine bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a two-story entrance hall with a custom-made chandelier, a bowling alley, private cinema, wine storage and tasting rooms, gym, sauna, steam room, game room, club room, and ballroom with a 120-guest capacity. The facade of the mansion is composed of four neoclassical pillars and more than 20 windows, and out back, an indoor pool is ensconced in “an all-glass orangery” that opens up to the lawn made up of seven acres filled with boxed hedges, gardens, fountains, walking paths, a tennis court, and a helipad.


The oil tycoon instructed Gee to “Find me a home in the country with all the toys and all the facilities for teenage children,” as he has two currently attending private schools in the U.K. The family was looking for a place in the country where they could all escape from the hustle of city life, especially during the ongoing pandemic. The buyer already owns a property in central London, as well as homes in Belgravia, France, and Lake Monaco.


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