Eric Jerome Dickey’s Death Cause Confirmed Mysterious Illness

New York Times best-selling writer just passed away. Eric Jerome Dickey’s death cause is a prolonged illness. The American author composed such memorable classics as “Before We Were Wicked,” “Sister, Sister,” and “Friends and Lovers” of Black life, reforming storytelling in the modern fiction genre.

News of author Dickey’s death first circulated on social media. His publicist confirmed the news. He was only 59 years old.

Dickey’s death was revealed initially by his cousin, La Verne Madison Fuller; Wesley Lowery and Phil Lewis talked with the author’s publicist. His publicist confirmed that the celebrated author was “battling a long illness” ere passing way on Sunday, January 3, 2021.

“I am heart broken. My cousin, Eric Jerome Dickey passed away on yesterday,” composed Eric’s cousin on social media. “Guys, when God tells you to do something, just do it. Just a few weeks ago, God woke me up to text him and say that I loved him. He let me know that he loved us too.”

Although our dearests would leave us, their loss is not end of life. Amanda Kloots revealed on The Talk this week that she is “finally ready” to undergo the therapy to address her late husband’s “trauma,” Nick Cordero’s death.

What is The Illness Leads to Eric Jerome Dickey’s Death Cause?

Even though sources have confirmed Dickey’s death cause a lengthy illness, no one has actually revealed his exact condition. The writer used to struggle with his mysterious illness for a long time.

Dickey, a natural son of Memphis, Tennessee, left a profession in the aerospace industry as a software developer to persevere his creative talents, desire to tap into his more creative side.

He quickly started expanding his pen by investigating poetry writing, comedic writing, and screenwriting.

Over 7 million of Dickey’s books have been published globally.

Eric started writing stories in 1989, seven years before his debut novel was written. At the time, he was still serving as an engineer, following within on his college major.

Following leaving the engineering field to serve as a comedian and actor, Eric moved to Los Angeles. The man composed his own comedic material, developing his connection to writing.

Through his work, many Black people were capable of feeling seen, and an outpouring of love has started on social media since the news broke of his loss.


Eric Jerome Dickey’s Funeral is Notable

Since Eric Jerome Dickey was a great man who made lots of fabulous memories for readers from all over the world with his books, people mourned after his sad death.

After finishing a program sponsored by the International Black Writers and Artists program, Eric wrote and narrated his first screenplay titled “Cappuccino.” However, his screen-writing journey didn’t please his writing palette, and he wanted to obtain another medium to share his thoughts with audiences.

“I’d set out to do a ten-page story and it would go on for three hundred pages,” Eric declared. After serving for three years to obtain an agent, he states a “door opened.”

Dickey published his very first book “Sister to Sister” in 1996, which grew an international best-seller and drove him into the writing stratosphere in the style of urban fiction.

Lately, his popular book Sister, Sister was praised as one of Essence’s 50 Most Impactful Black Books of the Last 50 Years. Moreover, USA Today featured Eric on their 100 Black Novelists and Fiction Writers You Should Read’s list. As we have already mentioned, more than seven million of Dickey’s books have been published universally.

Not only have we lost Eric Jerome Dickey, but also Former Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. Sandra Hutchens’ death after a long-time disease mourned the Sherrif community.

Eric Jerome Dickey’s Death Story Floods On Social Media

This story was sad enough to make all users mourn after Eric Jerome Dickey’s Death.


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