LeBron James Is At It Yet Again w/his Side Chicks

As most of you may have heard of the rumor of Lebron James stepping out on his wife many times while still claiming to be a faithful and honorable man. It was a rumor he was caught creeping with some white Instagram model back in 2018. Take a look below .

Okay, we all know who Lebron James is. He’s a basketball who’s been bounced around a few teams. He’s also affiliated with many stars favorably Jay Z, Beyonce, and the rest of the rock -a-wear crew. But on the positive note, he’s one of few colored athletes who didn’t dump their colored woman for someone of mix race/not colored. He stayed true to his roots. He’s involved in many causes as well. A man with a good heart, well far as we know, let’s hope he has great intentions behind it and isn’t doing for publicity. However, what is his connection to loose Rihanna?

Well, we know that they’re super-close in terms of finances, influence, and dominance. Of course, Jay-Z is the person in between both of them. But what’s undeniable is Rihanna’s love of sports and the athletes in them, and their love of her. She’s been described as everything from the ultimate sports fan to a bandwagoner. And her favorite hooper is none other than LeBron Raymone James.


Okay, it was not too long ago, whereas Rihanna reminded her 71 million Twitter followers, at the time, of her “King James.” But the question is, how long has this mutual admiration been a thing? Well, let’s look at a timeline of the friendship between the two megastars. And yes, it includes provocative Instagram photos of suntan lotion designs, and even Rihanna making the owner of the Golden State Warriors move seats in his own arena because she wouldn’t stop cheering for “The King.”

Meanwhile, as we all know the Los Angeles Lakers time to party in Vegas to celebrate their championship has arrived. Once the  Los Angeles Lakers captured the 2020 NBA championship and left the league’s bubble site in Orlando, Fla., they proceeded to party hard. A couple of videos from the team’s celebration in Las Vegas have been leaked, showing the players having too much fun.

LeBron and the Lakers were also partying at Marquee as we all know Lebron has a type.

Of course when you’re in Vegas,  you’re going to get plenty of drama. And sometimes what happens there, doesn’t always stay there, but hits the web instead. We received word LeBron was spotted partying with a few females at Marquee, and none of them were named Savannah, his wife.

See below:

We received some video from the evening:


The girl who was allegedly hanging out with LeBron is Abbey Lynn.  She’s 25 years old and lives in Vegas. Now of course this could simply just be a matter of clout chasing.  Strangely enough, she quickly pulled down her IG story.  LeBron is the King for a reason.

Check out the girl in question below:

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A little sweet. A little savage. 💋

A post shared by abbey lynn (@abbeylynnxo) on

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Salty but sweet 🌊 : : 📸 – @missfitstudios

A post shared by abbey lynn (@abbeylynnxo) on


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