Tamar Braxton admits her Family, and She Doesn’t Speak Outside Cameras.

Tamar Braxton has admitted that she and her family are estranged and only converse when the cameras are on. Meaning that they’re relationships and the alleged support that the media has said has been lies.

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Paranoid & friendless, Meghan longs for the good old days

Remember, this is the National Enquirer, and they never had anything good to say about Meghan Markle. With that in mind, it read as follows. PARANOID Duchess Meghan is locked in a lonely downward spiral after dumping her lifelong pals and being booted by the Obamas, The National ENQUIRER has learned. The rattled royal dropout,…


I scrolled across this article that gives a deeper insight into the 9/11 tragedy. But before you get a new insight. Take a look at this. SAUDI ARABIA’S ruling family was the real muscle behind the 9/11 attacks, providing the terrorists with covert assistance and secret funding, according to government intelligence files leaked on the…

Tyra Banks Says She Gets “Uncomfortable” Around Women With ‘Natural Beauty

Tyra Banks is a model, TV host, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. Since becoming famous for her modeling skills in the 1990s, she’s maintained her career by experimenting with other entertainment avenues.  Throughout her fame, Banks has met and worked with multiple women within the same field. However, she once explained why certain women have proven to be…


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