Murder of Ennis Cosby, Bill Cosby Son-All Explained-Lot of Questions

Ennis William Cosby was born on April 15, 1969, the only son of Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby. Upon the birth of Ennis, Bill joked during a television special while, like many tv shows of Camille standing offset, he yelled, “It had better be a boy, you hear, Camille?” and Camille, off-screen, responded, “Right! Bill was so happy he almost cried. And behold Ennis was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California, Pennsylvania, and New York City.


He attended George School, a private boarding school outside Philadelphia, where he played football, basketball, lacrosse, and track and field. He had undiagnosed dyslexia, which caused low grades and friction with his parents, who had an Ed.D degree. Theo Huxtable character, on the Cosby’s T.V. show, was based on Ennis, and this was reflected in storylines with Theo struggling in school until he was diagnosed with dyslexia. The episode, whereas Cliff had been wrong in blaming Theo for his poor grades, was mirrored of Cosby’s real-life actions. He admitted of feeling guilty for thinking Ennis had struggled academically because of a character flaw or wasting time. And just like the show Ennis did undergo test and learned to work with it and later made the dean list at Morehouse college, which followed with a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York in 1995. And just like in the show, he tutored kids on the side some with learning disabilities. Before his death, Ennis was working on getting his doctorate in special education at Columbia University. And later setup a school for children with special learning abilities. But that all came to a halt on January 16, 1997.


Let’s Get Dark and Scandal-AFTERMATH

Ennis was on winter break from Columbia University, whereas after visiting friends in L.A., around 1 am, while driving back in his dark green Mercedes-Benz when he caught a flat tire. So, he pulled off the freeway to fix the tire. He also called his girlfriend. Stephanie Crane, who had drove to meet him. She then parked behind him and turned on her headlights while Ennis changed the tire. Later she testified that a man came to her window and told her, “Open the door, or I’ll kill you.” Frightened, Crane claimed to have driven away about 50 feet and then heard a gunshot. So, she then turned her car around and saw a man running away. And then found Ennis lying on the ground in a pool of blood next to the driver’s side of his dark green Mercedes-Benz. Whereas he had been shot in the head. But here’s the kicker, it wasn’t a robbery because Ennis was still wearing a Rolex watch and still had 60 dollars in his pocket.


Of course, there was a media outpour, and the Los Angeles police dept tried to get in contact with congresswoman Maxine Waters to get her to give them the number to Bill Cosby, but she declined to do so. But that still didn’t stop the media from getting leaked photos of Ennis dead body and displaying in papers and on national television for millions to see. Oh, not to mention the hundreds of news crews, cameras, helicopters, and trucks staked outside of Camille and Cosby’s Manhattan home for days, it was crazy. To avoid the craziness, they had a private burial. Meanwhile the trial-

They claimed it was a carjacking going wrong, but there are many theories that he was setup by his girlfriend, who was white by the way.

Because here are some questions that are still out there, aside for the many theories.

  • First of all -how convenient that Ennis get shot after she pulls up
  • Second, is there proof he even called her; all we have is her word.
  • Third, how did the media get his dead body footage so fast?
  • Fourth, he was going on a date with who at 1 am? It wasn’t her, because he had just left his friend’s house. Where I’m assuming, she was also at. So, again who was he getting ready to go out on a date with? Not her, so there was trouble.

Now, for the longest, it has been speculated, heck it, confirmed. The murder of Ennis Cosby was a hit-job by the arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist mob. A direct connection to the Israeli Mossad is clear and definite. No one can deny it. The players include both Chinese and Israeli mobsters and elements of the Khazarian Jewish mob of Russia. These elements are as follows:

  • Eli Zakaria (hit/execution coordinator)
  • Mikail Markhazev (actual hit-man)
  • Sara Ann Peters (execution cohort)
  • Carlos Rodriguez (assassination cover-man)
  • Christopher So (the felon who claimed the Enquirer reward, or so it is said)
  • Michael Chang (the criminal who claimed the Enquirer reward, or so it is said)
  • Stephanie Crane (the fake witness in the fur coat)

Zakaria, Markhazev, Rodriguez, Crane, and Peters are all Jews. Virtually all such individuals are hardened criminals with significant criminal records. The agents were likely hired by the powerful ones of Hollywood itself, including the Jewish leadership of NBC or, more correctly, General Electric. These criminal elements would tie to the highest powers in the land. The Zionists were given favored status at the trial. Two of the vital criminal elements, Eli Zakaria and Sara Ann Peters, were never even called to testify.


So, yes, this poor man, rest his soul, was shot dead and was a setup. Because as we know, none of the standard storylines have any basis of fact. And after years of them trying to take down America’s Favorite Dad. They’ve finally achieved it with these accusations of sexual assault, that holds no merit, and has no evidence. That may have been orchestrated by Trump, the Russian mob, and then some. Because these accusations came up again months after Bill Cosby bad talked him on Meredith show, oh yes. I did a video about, of course, it got blocked by YouTube.


So, you see, this was all conspired and setup. Stephanie Crane was more than likely paid, and barley knew Ennis. I mean, Ennis was only 25yrs old, and no offense Stephanie looks a lot of order, just saying. Heck, if Stephanie Crane is even her name. Oh, and not to mention it was leaked that the alleged murder/actor Mikail Markhazev was hired to pretend to go to jail. Then later get released with a whole new identity. You see, so much speculation and no one questioning it.

And the comedians, whom he laid the path for, are hating and taking the accusers side. But they’re claiming and not hating, I’m a fan of the late Richard Pryor, who’s a known drug head, and constant user of the word “ni**a”. And always used vial and vulgar language in his acts.


Whereas you have a clean-cut, always show blacks in a positive manner, and very educated, who gets a big F.U., from his co-black comedians and no support at all. They were QUICK to believe the B.S. You see, the problem here?! EXACTLY!! I mean, Cosby came from a time whereas education was forbidden and fought or was killed to received, hence why he was so serious about learning, and the word “Ni**a” wasn’t a slang word. So, if you come around making jokes, hence Chris Rock using that awful word, no, I’m I’m not hiring you, grow up, and get out of here.

Bill Cosby Ohio University 02-09-1969

Walk-in a man’s shoes before you judge how he makes decisions.

He was trying to change the stigma of blacks and y’ all praise Richard Pryor, who portrayed blacks negatively. No offense, he was hilarious, I’m I’m a fan, but come on now. You know what I’m I’m done.

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