Forced to share twin girls with hated ex-hubby

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is in a rage over her custody deal with despised exhubby Michael Lockwood — and friends fear it could push her over the edge!

Sources tell that Lisa Marie — who’s abused her body with drugs and booze and turned to junk food to numb her pain — can’t get over sharing their 11-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley, with her ex, who has fought for a chunk of what’s left of Elvis’ $1 billion fortune.


Despite a dirty divorce and custody war, “she has to keep handing the kids over to Michael under the current custody court order, and it makes her sick to her stomach,” spills an insider. Lisa sits at home seething with anger toward Michael. She believes he’s an evil monster who’s wrecked her life. She’s spent a fortune on legal fees and will fight him to her dying breath. After their ten-year marriage blew up in 2016, Lisa Marie admitted to going to rehab to fight drug addiction — and, as has reported, the 52-year-old has swollen to a scale-crushing 250 pounds and has used a mobility scooter to get around. What’s more, her weight and addiction issues have left medical experts fearing she’s suffering from early stages of incurable liver disease and may soon need a transplant to survive!

Now the stress over the couple’s bitter custody war is preventing Elvis’ daughter from leading a normal life, says a pal, who fears she could relapse.


“Lisa has become a virtual recluse. She sits alone in her house in the dark with curtains drawn,” tattles the source.

The few times she’s been shocked at her pasty complexion and the dark circles around her eyes. She’s absolutely obsessed with what Michael does when he’s got their daughters and checks up on him several times a day.

“Even worse, she doesn’t sleep much and she’s pigging out on junk food.”

Adding to her agitation, midlife crisis Michael has been dating blond hairdresser Stephanie Hobgood since 2017 — and the two were recently spotted picking up food together, according to insiders. Lisa Marie can’t stand the fact that Michael’s moved on, continues the insider. She’s terribly lonely, but after four failed marriages, she’s afraid to meet someone new.

Lisa Marie’s first ex is musician Danny Keough, who’s the father of her two eldest kids, actress Riley, 31, and Benjamin, 27. She was also married to the late Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.

Adds the insider: “Her mother, Priscilla, has tried to help her, but Lisa Marie won’t listen to her. In fact, she resents her mom’s intrusion. It’s just a sad situation all around.”

Elvis’ daughter using food to ease her pain, the very same her father the late Elvis Presley had done. Let’s hope her fate isn’t the same.


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