BRITNEY SPEARS faces electroshock therapy if meds can’t control her bipolar disorder

DISTRAUGHT over her dad’s fading health, bipolar pop princess Britney Spears is fighting for her sanity in a psych ward where she’s heavily medicated and could face brain frying electroshock treatments, sources leaked.

The 37-year-old Toxic songbird’s family checked her into a mental health clinic for a 30-day stint after she bizarrely started calling herself “Britney Jean,” dishes a snitch. The former Disney kid took a dramatic turn for the worse after her February Las Vegas residency, Britney: Domination, at the Park MGM resort was canceled.

Her “indefinite work hiatus” came after her father Jamie’s colon ruptured late last year. He was hospitalized in Louisiana for 28 days — thousand of miles away from his troubled daughter. According to the insiders, the mother of two kids with former backup dancer Kevin Federline needs 24-hour medical help.


She was put into a mental health facility so the staff can forcibly give her the medication she needs,” says a source. “If she doesn’t take her meds, she goes crazy. “She’s in a lockdown unit and they’re monitoring her. And there are more extreme medical measures Britney and her family may be forced to take if she doesn’t get stable. Or should we say if she doesn’t comply.

Her 66-year-old dad is credited with saving her life — and estimated $215 million fortune – after she went over the edge a decade ago. While whacked out on drugs, Britney shaved her head and barricaded herself in her home with her sons. Cops burst in and hauled her to a psycho ward for observation. Despite, her just having children and may have postpartum depression or psychosis.


But her dad won legal conservatorship and kept her straight — until now. Jamie talks to her every day, but he’s not there with her to see what she’s doing and not doing to stay healthy,” says a source. When he hasn’t been there, she acts like a child and doesn’t take her meds when she needs to. As a result, “I turn into this different person,” she has admitted.

Notes an inside source, This time, she started talking more and more in Southern drawl, calling herself ‘Britney Jean. So, yes it seems that may have her heavily drugged. And if pills don’t set her right, Britney could face more extreme treatments, like electroshock (ECT), to jolt her out of crazed, manic or depressive states, warn experts. The shocks trigger a brief brain seizure and are used for serious suicidal or psychotic symptoms or when medicines seem to be ineffective, says Dr. Steven Mandel of L.A.’s Ketamine Clinics.


The brain-frying treatment can cause “permanent memory loss and PTSD and should be a last resort,” warns Mandel, who hasn’t treated the singer. He suggests infusions of ketamine, a powerful painkiller and anesthetic, to help her to thrive in her creativity without depression.


A second source says Britney had been taking lithium to reduce the severity of her mania and depression, but stopped taking it when her Las Vegas residency started. Her family then committed her after she appeared “out of it” at a business meeting in L.A., says an eyewitness.

“It’s chemical, and they need to figure out what’s going on,” says the source. Her medications are being adjusted. The fear is she’s simply going to fall apart without her dad. But I feel that Spears has been so fried and so drugged whereas her mind is no longer coherent, and if this keeps up we will hear her unfortunately dying of a drug overdose. We need to pray for Britney, because she needs saving.


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