Woody Allen “I DID NOTHING WRONG” Side of the Story

Woody Allen is finally getting his say decades after being cast out of his family as disgusting perv who were friends with Epstein. The Annie Hall legend’s explosive memoir, Apropos of Nothing, has been published, just weeks after another company scuttled the project amid an employee company rebellion, and is still drawing fire. In the book, the 84 year-old denies sexual molesting one daughter, while drooling about his “lust” for his other little girl, oh yes. Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his then lover and baby mother Mia Farrow! “At the very early stages of our new relationship, when lust reigns supreme, we {Woody and Soon-Yi} couldn’t keep our hands off each other, “ he gushes. The Oscar winner was 56 and Soon-Yi was just 21 when the two hooked up in December 1991-while he was still involved with her mom!

Allen had been dating Mia- who’d starred in 13 of his movies- since 1979! And the actress had no idea her partner was bedding Soon-Yi! The Rosemary’s Baby beauty discovers the affair when she found sleazy photos of Soon-Yi at Woody’s apartment. “Of course I understand her shock, her dismay, her rage, everything. It was the correct reaction,” Allen whines in the book. But the nebbish also expresses no regret over seducing Soon-Yi when she was child, a Korean orphan who was adopted by Mia and her then-husband, famed composer. He felt what he did was normal, said by, Andre Previn, in 1978. Allen later married Soon-Yi in 1997. They have two adopted kids. “Sometimes when the going got rough and I was maligned everywhere, I was asked if I had known the outcome, do I ever wish I never took up Soon-Yi?” Woody Writes.

The perv said, “I always answered I’d so it again in a heartbeat.” Allen’s book was dropped by it’s original publisher after blasted by critics over long standing allegations he’d sexually abused adopted daughter Soon-Yi.

Dylan and Woody

Heck, Dylan claims Allen molested her during a visit to Mia’s home in Connecticut in August 1992, of-course Allen denies the claims. By saying, “I never laid a finger on Dylan, never did anything to her that could be even misconstrued as abusing her; it was a total fabrication from start to finish,” he moans. However the twisted perv, admitted to plopping his head in then seven-year-old Dylan’s lap but insists that it was in a room full of people watching tv mid afternoon. So, you see Allen has a very distorted way of seeing things. In his making advancements at child Soon-Yi, and pulling her out of camp etc, was completely normally. The same thing that known pedophille Epstein had said about his affair with minors. Oh, and Elvis.

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