Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz-Life, History and Secrets of their Marriage Hell Exposed

American actress Lucille Ball (1911 – 1989) and her husband Desi Arnaz (1917 – 1986) arrive at a charity dinner for the Jewish home for the aged in Los Angeles, circa 1945. The chairman of the fund is Mrs Ida Mayer Cummings, sister of Louis B. Mayer. (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 6, 1911, in Wyandotte Michigan, although there has been rumored she was born in Butte Montana to Henry Durrell Ball and Desiree Evelyn Ball. She’s part English, Scottish, French and Irish from a family who migrated from England to Massachusetts Bay Colony. Later her father died of typhoid fever when she was 3 yrs old and while her mother was pregnant with her baby brother. By this time, they had moved to New Jersey. Now, because her father died, her mother moved back to New York, and her brothers were raised by her grandparents. Four years later, her mother remarried, and Lucille and her brother stayed with her stepfather’s parents. Her step parents were puritanical Swedish couple who banished all mirrors, except the one that was above the bathroom sink. Lucille got chastised for admiring herself in the mirror. This took a huge effect on Lucille for many years. Her stepfather was a Shriner, and he encourages 12yrs old Lucille to audition, and this is when she realized how much she loved the attention.

However, due to a lawsuit of a neighborhood boy. Who was accidentally shot and paralyzed by someone target shooting in their yard under the supervision of Lucille’s grandfather? Because of that, they moved into a small apartment Jamestown. At the age of 14yrs old, Lucille started dating a 21yr old hoodlum name Johnny DeVita. Her mother hated their relationship and tried many times to end their relationship, but it never worked. So, she enrolled hot tamale Lucille in John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts. Where she met Bette Davis, who was also a student there. She stated that she didn’t learn anything there, other than how to be frightened. The teachers actually thought that she wouldn’t make it in the entertainment business. To prove her teachers wrong, she began working with Hattie Carnegie as an in-house model. It is then Carnegie made her dye her hair blonde. It was there she learned many things. She remained working, and later she started as the Chesterfield cigarette girl. Using the name Diane Belmont is when she started getting chorus working on Broadway theatre with impresario Earl Carroll, from his Vanities, and by Florenz Ziegfeld, from a touring company of Rio Rita. Still, it was not lasting, and she was hired as quickly as she got fired. She did a few other skits after that, and at this time, she decided to move permanently to Hollywood. This was when she had many small roles in many films. After all of the small roles, she attempted to get many other big, but at the time, she was known as the B-rated actress.

Just to earn more money, she got a job on the radix with Phil Baker. When the show ended, she got alongside Jack Haley, who played Tin Man in Wizard of Oz in 1939. It was later, whereas she cast as the wacky wife in “My Favorite Husband” and audio program for CBS Radio. The show was such as success, and that is when her famous show “I Love Lucy” came into play. But by this time, she was already married to Desi Arnaz, and she told them that she didn’t want anyone else playing opposite to her except Desi. This is what saved their rocky marriage. I mean during this time, CBS wasn’t trying to accept an All-American redhead and a Cuban as a couple. The show took off, and so did her career. But with all of this success, there was some drama as well, they had trouble with the location. So, they finally settled in New York for the location because it was cheaper than going back and forth to L.A. Then Lucille taught a 32-week comedy workshop she constantly used her famous quote

“You cannot teach someone comedy; either they have it, or they don’t.”

She also created a television dynasty and was the first woman to head a T.V. production company called: Desilu. Meanwhile to settle the dispute with location Lucille and horny Desi settle on a pay cut to finance filming, on the condition that Desilu would retain the rights of each episode once it aired. CBS agreed to relinquish the post-first-broadcast rights to Desilu, not realizing they were giving up a valuable and enduring asset. I Love Lucy dominated the ratings for all races, and the episode, whereas Lucy was practicing her Tango, was the funniest, and they had to cut the section because the audience wouldn’t stop laughing.

Lucille and horny Dezi also had 2 kids, a girl and a boy, and the boy was written in the tv series. From there, Lucille and her horny husband, Desi, were a powered duo and starred in many other movies such as; “The Long, Long Trailer” and “Forever, Darling.” And they continued their comedy for 2 more years after the T.V. series ending in 1957 with their comedy special called “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. That ended mainly because they were divorcing, the professional relationship they really had was coming to a fault. Because she later met and married Gary Morton until her death, and I will get deep into all of this later. Anyway, getting back to the story. Even though they were divorced, they also produced many other movies, and they eventually sold their production company in 1967 for $17 million that eventually merged with Paramount Pictures. During these years of her success, she was a mentor to Carol Burnett and was also friends with big leagues at the time such as Judy Garland, Ann Sothern, and many more, I mean heck she was a millionaire. She also did many movies, one of them being one of my favorites with Jane Fonda’s father Henry Fonda in “Yours, Mine and Ours.” and many more. She also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and won many awards. So, on and so forth with her many career endeavors. Now, let’s get personal. 

Let’s get Personal 

You all remember me saying that Desi was cheating a lot, and that is why I called him horny Desi, whom she met in 1940 while filming Rodgers and Hart’s stage hit “Too Many Girls,” and they immediately connected and married the same year. Because Desi used to come home drunk and smelling like perfume and sex, and constant gambling. Heck, she was ready to divorce him 4yrs into the marriage. But they reconciled, and years later, she became pregnant after many miscarriages. Not to mention the acting debut landed on their lap. However, she later described the marriage with Desi as a nightmare. Because their life on screen was so much different from their real life. She was also noted saying that going out in public was like acting as well, with the smiling and being the adoring, loving couple. It got to the point whereas she wanted to go out more. Because that was the only time, he treated her nicely. But you have to sell it, it’s the brand, it made them millions. Desi was so wild he used to have women in his dressing room with him. Yes, the T.V. network covered up, it’s a business right. Oh, I’m not done yet. It was also told that she and Desi used to have explosive fights and violent outbursts as well. Oh yes. Lucille used to have to cover up many bruises because of him. It was noted that Desi was a compulsive womanizer, and it used to piss Lucille off.

Oh, I’m still not done yet, it was also stated that Desi was disrespectful that he used to invite girls back to his hotel suite too, and he makes them nice and cozy in the parlor before calling them into the bedroom one by the one. Lucy was so hurt because to make the headlines, and she would have to cover it up and make an excuse, or they would have to make another fake appearance as a loving, adoring couple to subside the rumors. All of this came to a brink when one day, they were entertaining guests and Desi, and she got into it, and Lucy picked up a hammer and knocked Desi cold with a blow to the head. Thinking that killed him started to concoct a story that about he’d fallen, but Desi came through and was ready to fight again. Oh, there’s more Desi, and she was entertaining dinner guests, and one-time Desi hit Lucy in the face and split her lip, he usually hit her on the arms or legs, you know places she can hide. It was then a friend of hers smacked Desi across the face. That was the first friend of theirs that actually did something they usually mind their business. She was quoted saying,

“I stored up all the hurts and humiliations not the hurts of a day or week, but the hurts of years. Then some little thing opens up the dam, and all the resentment rushes out!” 

One of many breaking points was their 19th Wedding Anniversary, and He and Lucy were discussing production matters at the studio. But Desi was usual drank too many daiquiris, which as usual, she ignored, and he started belching loudly many times. He also used to write on his script, his dream wife. 

Oh, I’m still not done yet. It was incident, whereas Lucy picked up an empty cocktail glass and then hurled it against the wall and then stormed out. Desi chased after her and told her he wanted a divorce and that he couldn’t keep living this way. But Lucy at this time was so tired of faking, and the many times she forgave him and hurt her over and over, and that’s when she started to feel resentment, that turned into hate, and hate turned into rage, and it all came pouring out, and she later yelled.

“Then why don’t you die then, you cheat, you drunken bum, by the time I get through with you, you’ll be as broke as when you left Cuba!”

Then reality kicked in when she later found out that one of the many women and men from what I read he slept with. But I’m talking about a woman now, became pregnant shortly before their divorce. That is when she started seeing Gary Morton, and they got married. It was later, whereas it turned out that girl wasn’t pregnant, but Lucille didn’t care she was out of love with Desi years ago, it has just been true partnership and fakery. Man, can you imagine having to fake it, and working more and/or making appearances just so you can feel some love from him? I will lose my mind! Anyway, later it was told that after their divorce, they became friends and It was better this way. You see, she didn’t have to care about his cheating or deal with their constant fights.

Heck, they remained friends until their dying day. It was even told in a book that Desi wrote, whereas he said that,

“Yes, Lucy was a show. Viv, Fred, and I were just props. Damn excellent props but props nevertheless. P.S. “I Love Lucy” was never only a Title.”

Heck, Lucy, and the kids were often seen watching family movies of all of them together. I mean, they do share 2 kids together, so the connection always stayed. This goes to show things aren’t what they seem. Also quoted from the dearly departed Robin Williams whom I miss said,

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul, and they will never notice how broken you really are.”

Meaning things aren’t what they seem, reading the life of Lucy and Desi makes me question many couples, famous and not famous. But this is also a testimony that you can find love after a hell relationship, but it’s up to you to take the chance and GET OUT!! Well, that’s it! 


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