Jaleel White and Michelle Thomas Scandal -What were they thinking?

Now, I did do a video about this already. However, I wasn’t too happy about it. It was too quick and not all accurate information. Especially about the info of Reginald VelJohnson, I had the wrong article up there, aside for the information is correct. It was also incomplete and needed more information. So, with that said, let’s get started.


Now, as time went on, there was some information that leaked about Darius McCrary and Jaleel White. Now before I go any further, watch this video from one of the favorite channels, Nicki Swift.


So, you see, there were secrets behind the scenes, but I have more to tell you. Did you all know that Jaleel White and Michelle Thomas were in a bit of a scandal, and that was one of the reasons she became in the intro line up instead of Cherie Johnson or Maxine Jones? Who had been on the show since the second season, all the way to the last season? That caused a rift between Michelle and Cherie behind the scenes. But with Michelle coming from the iconic show Bill Cosby, that gave her somewhat sonority over Cherie, well a good recommendation anyway. You know what, since we’re talking about the late and beautiful Michelle Thomas, let’s learn a little about the beauty.


Well, Michelle Dee Thomas was born on September 23, 1968, in Brookline, Massachusetts, but grew up Montclair New Jersey to Dennis Thomas, who was a member of the group of Kool and the Gang. Her mother, Phynjar Thomas, was a stage actress. She was crowned Miss Talented Teen in Hal Jackson Talented Teen pageant and crowned International queen in the international competition in Montego Bay Jamaica, oh yes. She also graduated in 1987 from West Essex High School. Later she landed the role as Justine Phillips on the Cosby Show. While on the show, she dated Malcolm Jamal Warner, aka Theo. It was even told that he helped her get that role on the Cosby Show, and also many other characters in tv shows.


Such as you all know Family Matters. She also appeared in music videos, as well. Aside from that, her death did come as a surprise because she led a pretty healthy lifestyle, she was a vegan, and she never smoked or drank alcohol. Then suddenly, in August 1997, she got diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor. You see, Desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor, aka (DSRCT), is an aggressive and rare cancer that primarily occurs as masses in the abdomen. She did undergo surgery to remove a lemon-sized tumor shortly before landing her The Young and the Restless role in the spring of 1998 and exiting Family Matters. However, later, another one grew, and the cancerous growth ruptured. So, after being released from the hospital and knowing she only had months to live, Michelle flew home to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She then died three days before Xmas, surrounded by her family and friends. Yes, that included Malcolm Jamal Warner, who was by her bedside until the end at Manhattan Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Then per her request, a Muslim funeral service was held for her in Montclair, New Jersey, where she got buried.


Now that we got that out of the way. Let’s talk about the scandals behind the scenes. Okay, as I was saying, Michelle and Cherie had beef, Cherie felt that Michelle got it easy because of her relationship with Malcolm. And her charming Jaleel White behind the scenes aside for her recommendations from Bill Cosby and the directors of the Cosby show who played golf with the directors of Family Matters. You see, that’s how she landed that role and ended up in the freaking intro. I mean, goodness, the girl was in her twenties playing the love interest to Jaleel White, who was still in his teens. I mean, they were paying him $100,000 an episode of Family Matters that got increased as the seasons got renewed, oh yes.

Aside from that, everyone on the cast wondered why they put Michelle in the intro instead of Cherie. But hey Michelle was beautiful, and she knew it, and she used it, not to mention her body, one body part in particular hence, how they kept describing her in the tv series. Heck, and on top of that, they put beginning actor Shawn Harrison aka Waldo, in the intro as well instead of Cherie. Cherie didn’t want to ruffle feathers, especially after the brutal way they treated Jamiee Foxworth. Hell after that, anyone who could’ve been replaced was on their top games.


Oh, and now that we’re on the subject, have you all wondered why Jaleel is still single? And why some of the cast members and other movie stars don’t like him. Well, you all have to understand, Jaleel is the only child. And aside for him being a good actor, he’s conceited and egotistical. It was rumored that it’s hard to talk to him. He’s so set in his ways that it will take a strong woman to deal with him. So, yes, those rumors of him are correct, maybe not to that extent, but they did have a fight, and he did push her. Oh, and the story about Darius McCrary is also true, he was using drugs at the time and rumored to be still using it. Heck, it secretly reported that he was high during one of their recent reunions together.



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