Jay Z Alleged Boyfriend Speaks Out

I’ve got a lot of messages to talk about this, it seems that the ex-football player Larry Johnson….

Before I get into deep with this. I just want to say for most of you who follow my blog. You should have read the blog that I’d posted about NFL and gay men in the NFL. Well the main person in the blog was former NFL player Larry Johnson. Apparently, Larry and Jay used to share an apartment in the midtown Manhattan luxury high rise Trump Tower. They even shared each other clothes and Jay Z has even gave Larry some brotherly advice about his modeling career as well, oh yes. He even lended his roc-a-fella necklace on occasions. Jay and Larry also have New York Yankee Derek Jeter as a neighbor. Now these rumors coincide with a series of tweets from Larry Johnson, this is what he had to say. He started talking about the pedophilla in Hollywood with the Pizzagate, and there codes for children, I know sick.

Which is what I’ve been saying in many videos about Epstein, Trump, Freemasons etc, practices.

He goes on to talk about what I’ve also have been saying about our culture being royalty before. Oh, and not to mention how much the Royal family has stolen and is now parading around London with it. However, this is what he’d said…

He went on to say this about Jay Z about NFL and not even Jay Z will change anything, this is what he’d said…

But I do must admit, him referencing Jay Z to whom has changed, and not the NFl, does raise flags. He went on to talk about people souls and falling for the ideology and being brainwashed by the masses.

Now, not to throw a wrench in the revelation of Jay Z and he being roommates and them being lovers. He’s cleared that up by tweeting this…

But don’t get too sad, he did call Jay Z out, on him praising Aleister Crowley. Who we all know is a devil worshiper and an ungrateful, rebellious child turned man. Who went on a so-called spiritual sabbatical and gained a lot of followers just like Jesus. Who was known to quote this message “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Whereas, Jay Z quoted/wore on his sweater, rather he knew it was quoted from Alesiter Crowley, I don’t know.

He’s not that smart, and I’m taking academically and school smart, not street smarts. I think a lot of people confuses the two. They elevate him to a genius status, and he’s far from it. I don’t think he even made it past 9th or 10th grade, if that far, and Beyonce barely finished high school.

Anyway, he goes on talking about baphomet and masonic puppets and the how the rich men/celebrities don’t care about the people, only to make money and collecting peoples soul.

But back to Jay Z being bisexual this rumor somewhat started when someone who’d worked in Jay Z building and he was questioning the closeness of Larry Johnson and he, and how they’d attended games together this is what was quoted..

Then the blog went on to say this…

Then the blog went on to say..

Now, this coincide with the post and video I’d released about Beyonce and her lead guitarist Bibi McGill who has been rumored to have had an affair.

So, could it be that the initial P.R contract relationship that was supposed to have been temporally to clean up Jay Z image at the time and boost and publicized Beyonce for her at the time of her upcoming first solo album. But as I’ve said in the video, Beyonce and Kelly has been rumored to both be bisexual and Jay Z and Beyonce have both been very supportive of the LGBTQ community, which you should be. We shouldn’t judge anyone of their sexual preference, it’s their business. But is this support not only for more fans, but also for personal preferences. Is this arrangement, I mean marriage, a real union or all just for money and image. Because as we all know Jay Z hid the fact that his mother was gay for years and even cried when she finally spoken out. Rather he’d cried because it was nice to see his mother happy and free or he’d cried because he wish that he could do the same, or both. To be a gay rapper is highly frowned upon. And Beyonce and Jay-Z take their image very seriously. It’s their brand, their arrangement their meal ticket. Be happy and in love in public and do our dirt behind closed doors. Now, I don’t know if he’s gay. But it’s possible and I do know a lot of undercover gay men, and lots of them were married at some point. And when they came out, the whole town was shocked. Because they really played the straight role very well. And Jay Z does take a strong liking to Kaepernick and once Lebron James. So he does like athletes and a lot of them are gay. Maybe it’s something deeper or he could just like sports, although I’ve never seen him play sports before.

Oh and Sean Combs and he are very close aside for the secrets between the two. And one of them being Cathy White, whereas it was Sean Combs who introduced the two, knowing he was dating Beyonce. So, maybe the connection goes deeper than just friendship.

Have you all seen “Black Mirror” with the episode of two best friends. Whom started playing virtual reality games. And later started having virtual relations together, of-course playing a man and a woman. But feeling the reactions in reality and liked it. All while one being married and the other jiggle-lo/businessman, hence-hence. Could this be one of those moments? This could also be why Beyonce has been feeling a disconnection from him, hence “Why don’t you love me” and the “Lemonade” album. Maybe just like Sean Combs, women isn’t his thing.

Anyway, tell me your thoughts below could Jay Z be bisexual? Are Beyonce and Jay Z arrangement just a coverup to hide their sexual preferences among other things?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes he’s gay I believe he goes both ways an other things jus on tha company he keep s an my knowledge conspiracy theories he’s not who we think he is not that I care one way or the other I’m not a fan of none of them celebrities Ifollow you so you know what I believe same thing
    you teach


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