BEYONCE Lead Guitarist BIBI and She Were Once, WHAT?! ALL BROKEN AND MORE TEA!!

Now, this is a post that I’d always wanted to do, because it has always pondered me for some years now. Well, it seems that it got leaked years back about Beyonce, being bisexual, and also having an affair with her lead guitarist Bibi. Here’s what was leaked from an anonymous source ..

Oh yes, and I know some of you have speculated about this. Yes, she’s a feminist, but Beyonce is secretly known to love some women, “nothing like having a conversation with a woman” she quotes and the way she quoted it.

I mean, check out some of lyrics, in “Drunk in Love”, and in other songs. Then compare hers to Nicki who, well you know Nicki. They’re drastically different.

Now, I’m not a bisexual, but I do know many women and men that are and they too have asked the same question. Now, I know some of you will ask, why would she hide it?

Well, Beyonce and Jay Z have built their platform on being this iconic black married couple. If it gets out that Beyonce is bi-curious and has in fact had affairs with some of her band members and she loves a woman body hence her videos with some of them naked and claiming it be art. Are we all taking this the wrong way? Are we missing what’s been so blatantly obvious for so many years? I mean, yes most of Beyonce band members are lesbians or bisexual. Heck, it was even told that her lead dancer Ashley and she had a thing going on, but they decided to keep it on the low and you know Ashley Everett loves her some Beyonce.  And she won’t say anything because of the NDA and her career.

Now, I know most of you will not believe this, but I do, and to be honest I wouldn’t care if she is, but it will explain a lot. It makes you wonder if she’s using this feminist as way to be around women more. I wonder if Jay Z knows? Of-course he will know, I don’t know, this is so weird and eye opening.

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Oh, did you all know that Kelly Rowland is also bisexual, and for a second used to be a straight lesbian.

Oh, I’m not going to get into what I’ve heard about Beyonce and she, and Rita Ora, Jay Z and she, because it’s sick and freaky. 

People are not what they seems, take Ciara and Janet Jackson, they come across as these sex vixens, but in reality they’re not. Well, that’s it, tell me your thoughts below.

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  1. Mercy Banks says:

    I BELIEVE IT 100% IN RESPECT TO ASHLEY AND YONCÉ. THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THEIR CONNECTION, ETC. Take Beyoncé’s Countdown for example she displays the lgbt rainbow flag colors during the countdown. She mentions the following “Girl I hope he don’t catch me messing around with you” lyrics from her song Savage.

    I LOVE HER TO DEATH♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!


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